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Beware of thieves and pickpockets. As transport professionals, we are more or less directly confronted with this problem. From time to time, a colleague, a customer, a hotel employee or ourselves are victims or witnesses of a theft or attempted theft. Pickpockets do not only operate in tourist areas of Barcelona, such as the Gothic Quarter or the Barceloneta, but also in the Eixample, or in other areas further from the center. Even Montserrat or Barcelona airport are no exception, especially due to the number of tourists and foreign travelers there. Of course, just because thieves can be everywhere doesn't mean there are many of them. In general, pickpockets operate without problem and without the victim realizing it. Either way, with a little common sense and caution, it is very likely that nothing will happen to you. If, for example, you are on the terrace of a café or in the concourse of a train station, always keep an eye on your cell phone or your bag. In the metro or in busy places, it is advisable to keep your bag in front of you and not on your back. If someone asks you for information on the street, it is better to leave. If you are in a stationary vehicle, be careful as it is easy for someone to open a door or reach through a window, grab an item and run away.


When walking down the street, be careful. Despite the bike paths, scooters or bicycles are still running on the sidewalks, in both directions and without respecting the safety rules. On a zebra crossing, when crossing a bike path, keep in mind that some bikes do not respect your priority. Also watch out for motorcycles and cars that tend not to let you through


-There are plenty of places to go out and have fun in Barcelona. In addition, the offer evolves, some places are transformed and new ones appear. As we can not put them all on our page, we have selected those where we have accompanied our customers. They have always left satisfied and some have even returned. If we learn that someone did not like an establishment for a serious reason, we would remove it from the list. There are places for all tastes, terraces overlooking the sea, the city, etc.
-There are several markets in Barcelona, including the flea market at Plaza Blanquerna. It is held on the second Sunday of every month. In Diagonal Mar district, near Poble Nou, is the Palo Alto market, open the first weekend of every month. At the Sant Antoni market you can find books, records, etc. every Sunday.


telephone numbers


Police/Fire brigade              112

Airport                913 211 000
Renfe                 912 320 320
Mastercard           900 971 231
Amex                 900 814 500
VISA                   910 507 330

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31st March 2024

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