We suggest that you compare our rates with those from the hotels. These rates refer to vehicles Mercedes V-class , Viano and Vito. For other rates , please consult us . Tolls and parking fees are included . Tips and entrances into museums or restaurants are not included . Payment can be done by bank transfer or directly to the driver , in cash or with credit card . All vehicles have a credit card reader. Nevertheless, during a long-distance journey outside Spain (to France for example), payment by credit card must take place at the time of departure. Otherwise, there is a risk of coverage problems preventing the operation of the payment terminal.
Cancellation policy: 
For regular services such as transfers, city tours, excursions or disposals per hour, the payment is normally done after the service and we have no cancellation policy. For multiple transfers (congress, etc.) we ask for 50% of the amount before the start of transfers, and the rest at the end. Transfers canceled at least 24 hours before will be fully refunded. During the "Mobile World Congress", we ask 30% of the amount of the services to do the reservation and the rest just before starting. In case of cancellation at least 5 days before, we fully refund the amount of canceled services






V-class and E-class

Each additional hour 60,50€

Between Airport and City



Sitges 4 hours


Between Airport and Port



Montserrat 4 hours


Between Port and City



Wineries Cavas/Penedès 5 hours


Transfer within City



Gerona 5 hours


Per hour Barcelona Metropolitan Area



Port  Aventura 5 hours 





Dalí Museum 6 hours 





Wineries Tarragona 8 hours





Costa Brava 6 hours





Andorra 8 hours 


Nightly services must be booked with a minimum of 1 hour notice. The minimum fare is 49,50€

Time and mileage of transfers & journeys

City Center                            Airport



City Center                            Airport



Port                                       Airport



City Center                 Center Gerona

1 hour 100 kms  62 miles

City Center                 Gerona Airport

1 hour

90 kms  56 miles

City Center                   Lloret de Mar

1 hour 15 mn 75 kms  46 miles
Airport                         Lloret de Mar 1 hour 90 kms  56 miles

City Center                       Montserrat

1 hour    55 kms  34 miles   via Monistrol    65 kms  40 miles   via El Bruc

City Center     Dalí Museum Figueras

1 hour 30 mn

140 kms  87 miles

City Center                           Andorra

2 hours 45 mn

200 kms  124 miles

City Center                  Port Aventura

1 hour 45 mn

110 kms  68 miles

Long distance fares, between Barcelona and the place of your choice, one way or the other

The mileage indicated in this table corresponds to the fastest route, but not necessarily the shortest. The first price corresponds to a standard vehicle and the second price corresponds to a Mercedes class E or V. These prices include tolls,parking lots and driver's meals. If your destination does not appear on this table, you can consult us

Aix-en-Provence(France) 490kms 660€/810€
Alcañiz 275kms (via AP2) 370€/450€
Alicante 530kms 715€/870€
Andorra 200kms 270€/330€
Avignon(France) 435kms  585€/715€
Begur 130kms 175€/215€
Béziers(France) 285kms  380€/460€
Bilbao 610kms 825€/1000€
Bordeaux(France) 635kms 860€/1050€
Calafat 145kms 195€/240€
Cannes(France) 635kms 860€/1050€
Carcassonne(France) 300kms 405€/500€
Girona 100kms 135€/165€
Granada 855kms 1155€/1415€
Huesca 265kms  355€/435€
Lerida(Lleida) 130kms 210€/255€
Lisbon(Portugal) 1305kms 1760€/2150€
Lourdes(France) 430kms(560kms on motorway)755€/925€
Lyon(France) 640kms  860€/1055€
Madrid 620kms  835€/1020€
Malaga 1000kms  1350€/1650€
Marseille(France) 505kms  680€/830€
Monaco 685kms  925€/1130€
Montpellier(France) 340kms  460€/560€
Murcía 590kms 795€/975€
Narbonne(France) 255kms  340€/420€
Nice(France) 660kms  895€/1090€
Orihuela 560kms 760€/930€
Palamós 115kms 160€/195€
Pamiers(France) via Perpignan 335kms 455€/555€
Pamplona 485kms  655€/800€
Pas de la Casa 190kms 260€/315€
Pau(France) 425kms(585kms on motorway) 790€/965€
Perpignan(France) 190kms  255€/315€
Platja d'Aró 105kms 135€/165€
Port Aventura 110kms 150€/180€
Prades(France) 230kms 310€/380€
San Sebastián 570kms  770€/945€
Seville 1000kms 1350€/1650€
Tarragona 100kms  135€/165€
Torrent 130kms 175€/215€
Toulon(France) 570kms 770€/940€
Toulouse(France) 395kms 530€/650€
Valencia 350kms 470€/575€
Zaragoza 305kms 415€/505€