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With almost 20 years in the private transport of people in Barcelona and its region, Barcelona PRIVATE Chauffeur and FIRST CLASS DRIVERS have decided to combine our means and our skills to offer you our services together. We  operate mainly from the metropolitan area of Barcelona but we can also make trips between Barcelona and any place in Spain or even abroad. The range of services we offer you consists of private transfers between Barcelona airport, cruise terminal, train stations and central Barcelona. We also do private and guided Barcelona tours, excursions, hourly arrangements and long distance trips. In order to improve the quality of our services, we remain attentive to new customer requirements and do not hesitate to question ourselves. The satisfaction testimonials of our customers are the best proof of this. For this, we use Mercedes E-class(3 passengers), S-class(3 passengers) or V-class(7 passengers and large capacity trunk) with corresponding licenses. If you need higher capacity vehicles, we call on our partners, whether they are based in Barcelona or elsewhere. Do not hesitate to consult for a particular service. We would be delighted to help you.

We offer security
our cars are checked and maintained by professionals . They must pass every legal control . They are all equipped with "handsfree" car kit according to legal spanish requirement . Our drivers are highly qualified and take necessary breaks every day and days off every week . We never put luggage inside the cabin unless absolutely necessary . Passengers are not allowed to drink alcohol in the car . As they enter or leave the car, the driver stands, if possible, out of the vehicle. He can help and protect them from other vehicles, unless there is someone to help him, for example, the staff of a hotel . While driving, the driver should not give anything to the passengers, and the passengers should not give him anything. It would harm the safety of all the occupants of the  car and also other users of the public highway

We offer tranquillity
At Barcelona airport , at the cruise terminal or at the train station , a driver will wait for you and hold a sign with your name . We control permanently the time of arrival of your flight and the correct terminal . We choose the vehicle ( Sedan or Minivan ) according to the number of people and the amount of luggage . No hidden costs . Prices are fix and will not increase for flight delay , traffic , itinerary or luggage reasons . In case you want to leave your luggage or valuables in the car during a service , the driver will always stay by the vehicle and keep the rear door locked

We offer comfort
You will avoid long waiting lines in front of the taxis area . Our drivers are courteous and discreet , They drive flexibly . They speak  English and Spanish fluently . Some of them even speak French and Arabic . Our cars are equipped with WI-FI , we keep them clean all the time and passengers are not allowed to smoke inside. We have bottles of water in the car and in case of rain , there are umbrellas at your disposal .

We offer flexibility
Young children and disabled people are welcome . If you request , we can provide with baby seat and child seat, without extra cost . If you travel with pets, they must be in a cage. You can choose the time and place of start and finish of your city tours or excursions. The tours can be modified during the service according to your wishes. If a city tour or excursion starts or ends at the airport or at the port, it can be realised with your luggage in the vehicle. In this case, the driver will always stay near the car and the doors will remain locked
We do our best to meet the needs of our customers or to deal with unforeseen situations: Are you on your way to the airport and realize that you have left your passport at the hotel? You requested a transfer from the airport but missed your plane? Your plane arrives several hours late? Do you need a service within the next hour? Is it already late and you need service very early the next morning? No problem. We are regularly confronted with these problems and used to solving them.
However, being late for the departure time and then forcing the driver to make up for lost time, suddenly asking him to stop anytime, anywhere, arranging a meeting with him in places where it is difficult to stop, even prohibited, are situations where sometimes we find ourselves. Apart from the risks of accident that this entails, the driver can be fined, lose license points, his driver's license and his job. That is why we ask travelers to avoid these behaviors as much as possible, to allow us to provide the service with the greatest possible peace of mind.


We have partners in

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Why use our services?

You have several appointments in the same day at different places? You absolutely want to take a day trip outside Barcelona or visit the city, but you have little time? Don't worry .We are the solution. A driver will pick you up at the agreed place and time. He will be at your disposal at all times and at the end, he will drop you wherever you want.

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City Center / Port       66,00€
Port / Airport             66,00€
Airport / City Center  66,00€
Transfer within City   66,00€

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+34 649 155 949