Our vehicles are checked and maintained by professionals. They regularly pass the mandatory checks. They are all equipped with WI-FI and the "HANDS FREE" kit in accordance with Spanish law. In Barcelona, ​​all chauffeur-driven rental cars must have the VTC adhesive label on the lower right of the windshield. It proves that they own the regulatory VTC license.
It is not allowed to eat or smoke in cars. On the other hand, the legislation strictly prohibits the consumption of alcohol in any VTC vehicle. If a passenger was caught by the police, drinking alcohol, the driver would be held responsible. The use of the seatbelt is mandatory, both at the front and rear seats. In this case, the liability is that of the passenger and apart from the risks incurred in the event of an accident, he is liable to a fine if he is surprised by the police. You should also know that children under 12 years old do not have access to the front seats. In addition, for safety reasons, the driver can block the opening of the doors from the inside.
During a transfer or a journey, the driver will always try to use the most appropriate route. Sometimes he is forced to deviate his route when the lane is closed to traffic. The driver is at your disposal. In your presence, he must not maintain a conversation with other people except in a professional setting. It should only use the buzzer in case of danger or necessity. When the vehicle is stationary, the engine must be turned off as far as possible, in order to respect the environment.
The attire of the drivers is the suit and tie as a rule and the shirt and tie in the summer

Mercedes V-class    7 passengers    large version
Model Avantgarde with leather seats

Mercedes S-class    3 passengers    large version




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